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When booking one of our party or event spaces, why not choose from one of our function menus?

Check out our party menus below.


Finger Food Buffet & Pizza Menu

Finger Food

min order of 25 of each item, priced per person

2ft long stone baked pizzas

(vegan cheese available, max choice 3 types) Our trays are the equivalent of 3 ½ normal 12” round pizzas Gluten free pizzas are served as normal 12” round pizzas


Large bowls of approximately 10 portions

Snack menu

Priced in individual bowls

BBQ Option 1 : £5.50 pp

BBQ Option 2 : £13 pp

BBQ Option 3 : £16 pp

vegetarian alternatives

Salad Options


Celebration Cakes

Hosts are welcome to bring their own birthday cakes to The Hen & Chicken

Extra Items

We are happy for you to order additional items off our main menu, please speak to one of our management team for advice on the practicalities of some items.

Please note:  All events will be invoiced in advance and must be paid prior to the event.

Please also note that we do not permit self-catered events.