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Master Your Emotions, Master Success

January 14, 2020 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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BULLETPROOF YOUR EMOTIONS and Guarantee Success with success expert Judymay Murphy.
Do you sometimes worry about how people are going to react to you or how they might treat you?
Do you get nervous when given centre-stage?
Do you ever feel really sad or angry and this takes up precious time when you could be feeling great and building your dream life?
Do you sometimes find yourself madly in love (with a person or project) one day and then crashing down into despair the next?
Do you find yourself over-preparing trying to do something perfectly in case you get rejected?
Do you ever think the pressure or the loneliness might crush you?

Mastering your emotions means that you can be more present to your life, far more magnetic to others and more fully and authentically your awesome self.

When you allow our emotions to be unexpressed or when you give them full-reign, they start running the show and the smart, ambitious aspects of you can’t come out to rock!

Let’s fix this FOR GOOD!

World class performers, adventurers and entrepreneurs will tell you that emotional mastery is key to ALL success. All unmastered emotions leak out through your ‘game face’ (jealousy, resentment, over-excitement…) and can cost you many opportunities in all areas of life.

Success expert Judymay Murphy will teach you the 7 steps and 3 models to emotional mastery, a system you can use for life.
You can rapidly get to a place where you cannot be so badly hurt again or re-railed, while still staying fully alive! Romantic disappointment, emotional abuse, workplace harassment, loneliness, dealing with narcissists, life despair, emotional flashbacks to childhood wounds – all these things can leave you feeling utterly devastated and can cause you to fall behind on your life goals.

BULLETPROOF YOUR EMOTIONS and fast-track your life success. A life-changing talk! Bring a notebook.

Judymay Murphy has been at the top of the self-help and success industry for almost two decades and is known as the coach to many of the other top speakers in the world. She’s also responsible for many people who are high up in show business getting to where they are today. She is the author of 8 books published in several languages in 28 countries and regularly appears on national television and radio shows around the world.


January 14, 2020
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
from £12
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